Two hands

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Explain This…

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A skeptic once asked a minister if he really believed the Bible. Yes, he was told. “Is there anything you can’t explain?” was the next question. Yes again—the minister even showed him the question marks in the margins of his Bible. Surprised, the skeptic asked, “What do you do with all the things you can’t explain?” “Very simple,” the minister replied. “I do the same thing I’m doing with this fish I’m eating. I eat the meat and push all the bones to the side of the plate, and then let any fool that wants to choke over them.”

taken from Today in the Word – Moody Bible Institute

Forty Days of Water

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I’m going to make water my only beverage for 40 days and as my lent from March 1 to April 9.

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sorry about not posting recently, so I was going to write about my thoughts about my parents as posted last entry but i’ll just postpone it for now.
after coming back from HK, life has been sorta back to norm…just doing more thinking about future, realizing how much planning, just lots of thinking & worrying…started cutting back on expense (mainly eating out). despite the worries & challenges, i’m trusting God more…i think routine sometimes dulls us or makes us become self-content…need to rely on God, drawing closer to Him.
Alpha retreat was this past weekend, it was good as usual….yet it was a lil different. Kevin gave great talks, he’s just awesome. smaller numbers but more bonding. great challenges & memorable moments. no Bang! played but other games like Ninja (lol).
since I’m at it, I really do miss my parents a lot, I barely see them once a year at best. I thankful for what they’ve done for me.

summarizing trip

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just gonna be a hodge podge of thoughts…

I enjoyed my stay in HK, nice to relax and rest up a bit.  I didn’t do much shopping, not my thang…only did a lil gift shopping at the airport…I didn’t visit alot of places since Ive gone to them before…I did enjoy trying out different foods and eating good foods XD  my impression of Macau was okay, first thing out of the ferry terminal was dang it smells like smoke (lots of smokers), lots of mopeds & scooters (probably primarily transportation of locals)…you can get around pretty cheap, ride bus for 3.20 patacas (which is like less than 50cents USD), hitch a ride on the many hotel shuttles either to the hotel or to the ferry terminal, walking is another option… oh yeah, i somehow overexerted my right knee (side) probably from rushing to catch my flight from SF to HK and the amount of walking/hiking on Lamma island…think my knee is okay now…getting old lol … did i mention I only took one carryon for my trip? i tried it out cuz of this website , i did carry a daypack inside too but it was nice and cool to just get thru customs without a hitch

I was going to continue my post about my parents but i’ll save it for my next entry (doesn’t deserve to be jumbled w/ this messiness).

HK day 3 & 4

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Day 3

Woke up late and went out for brunch (porkchop & egg),  went home, got ready to head out…took a boat to Lamma island…walked/hiked from one town to another town…about 1hr 20mins one-way…had an afternoon tea/snack at a restaurant, hiked back to town we arrived at…had dinner, ate garlic abalones, clams, bamboo thin clams, and soft-shelled crab…took the boat back home around 8ish…weather was nice, not too hot and not too cold/windy… was pretty sore from all the hiking/walking, took a bath and went to bed.

Day 4

woke up late and had brunch again at the same place (beef & 2 eggs), went to pay respect to ancester at 2 different cemeteries (chai wan & tsuen wan), went to disneyland hotel (the victorian style one), had afternoon tea and some food…tried their disney hamburger (angus patty w/ cheese, pickle, bacon, lettuce), also shared club sandwich and fingersnacks…i got the earl grey tea, my mom got the peppermint tea and my dad got the rosehip & hibicus tea…the afternoon tea set had a green tea pudding w/ raspberry on the bottom in a small shot glass size… we also ordered the tiramisu … it was one of the best tiramisu i’ve tasted in awhile…it was served in a martini glass, the taste was well-balanced :D went to visit the same auntie when i first arrived on monday in the hospital on the way back to home…after getting home, i moved the laptop to the living room to check email and other stuff since the signal is pretty low in my bedroom…updated some stuff on the desktop and ate a light dinner of random stuff my mom cooked/heated up.  my dad and i watched some football(soccer) on tv…now i’m just writing this up now. :)

Travel Day & Day 1 HK

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Just wanted to recap last two days in HK so far.

Travel Day

I left LA Sunday morning…I arrived at LAX about 1 hr before my flight, waited in line to get my ticket…somehow my flight was all booked so I was placed on the next flight around 10am…which meant I had to literally run to the connecting flight in SF (arrive at 11:20, leaves at 11:55)…I landed in SFO and ran towards my gate, I was able to barely make it in time as United people were heading in my direction to get me onto the flight, I was the last person on the plane but the plane was not full…I was out of breath and tired lol… on the plane I ate, drank, slept and watched movies.  After arriving in HKG, I had to use the restroom (shouldn’t have eaten the ham & cheese sandwich)…my parents picked me up and were pretty impressed that I only had one carryon bag.  We then rushed to visit an auntie in the hospital before the 8pm closing (which we made it in the nick of time). My dad and I bought a cream soda from the vending which was about 75cents US.  Drove back to my parents’ place and had a late dinner around 10ish since all the stores were closed for a few days because of Chinese New Years. oh yea, shaved and got a hairtrim before shower and sleep.  I thank God for getting me through this day :)

Full Day 1 (day 2) in HK

Woke up around 9am.  Ate toast, egg, and ham for breakfast w/ milk tea. oh yeah, im working on cleaning and updating my parents computers.  after breakfast, we headed out to visit some relatives (I get confused or my mom needs to tell me how to refer to them hehe), then we went to visit my grandma & ate lunch…I got to see my uncle’s kids aka my cousins…haven’t gotten use to the idea of being an older cousin but it’s cool…the two kids, one girl and one boy. Also the language barrier sorta since I can understand Cantonese but my conversational is a little limited/slow.  Then our two families (my uncle’s & ours) went to visit two more relatives for new years.  One relatives lived right across from the Race track (pau ma day), it was crazy view overlooking most of the racetrack…we spent some time drinking tea, eating snacks, talking and recieving red envelopes :0)  We headed back home to change and get ready to go on a boat ride to watch the new years fireworks over the harbour.  left the house/flat, walked down to take one of the smaller buses and took the star ferry across to tsim sha tsui (TST as my gf likes to call it)…there was a lot of people camping out on both sides to watch the fireworks around 8pm…we got there around 5ish…boarding on the boat was a lil chaotic since they had 4 groups i believe (A-D) in one boarding area (just think of a mass of asian people w/o any lines like cattle) it was like sardines…after getting on our boat (not a cruise ship), there was about 100 of us I think…we headed out of the harbour and docked and had a “buffet” it was a lot of random dishes served in party trays…I didn’t eat that much fearing the potential chance of vomitting my dinner due to seasickness lol XD  Also, it was very cold and slightly windy…I was wearing my heavy jacket, beanie, sweater, jeans…probably low 50s…so the boat headed back towards the harbour and we waited till 8pm…it was funny because the captain of the side told people not to crowd the boat onto one side (making the boat tilt to one side haha)…well the fireworks finally went off and most of the people were at the back of the boat but the view wasn’t great since there were metal bars crisscrossing the top, so I just peered out the side of the boat while sitting :)  I took some video and pics I hope to post when I get a chance (after I free some space on this laptop).  It was a pretty cool fireworks show, it last about 22 mins!! After redocking and debarking the boat we were in Kowloon Station (for those that need the MTR reference)…we visited a mall nearby called Elements (thematic mall based on different elements like water, wood, fire).  Since we were pretty cold from the boat trip, I suggested we go stop at a Starbucks hehe (note there’s a grip of Starbucks in HK/Kowloon)…this Starbucks was inside the mall and it was huge…imagine your standard Sbux cafe and multiply it by 3-4 times…or just think of your standard department store and that’s how large the inside was (I did take a pic of it hehe)…also the service of really really fast (typical of HK culture)…I just got a caramel macchiato upsidedown, my dad got cappuccino and my mom got passion fruit tea.  walked around a lil more before taking the MTR back and a taxi to our place.  Ran some more stuff on the computers (need to free space to update to SP3).


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